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Altman Ghost Light

Altman Ghost Light
Altman Ghost Light
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Altman Lighting, Inc. exclusively ofers a UL-Listed Ghostlight. All profts for the sale of the Ghostlight will go to support the Behind the Scenes charity. The Behind the Scenes Charity is an initiative of the ESTA Foundation. Behind the Scenes provides fnancial support to entertainment technology professionals when they are ill or injured. With this initiative, our industry can make sure our colleagues are cared for when tragedy strikes. The traditional Ghostlight was used as the logo for the Behind the Scenes charity and supports it’s tagline of ‘Don’t leave your colleagues in the dark.’ 

A Ghostlight serves both a practical and a traditional role in theatre. On the practical side, a Ghostlight is the single light left burning onstage when the theatre is closed so that anyone coming into the theatre can see the set, the edge of the stage, or any potential obstacles or dangers. On the traditional side, theatre superstitions vary, but most say that the Ghostlight keeps the good ghosts of past productions in the theatre. If a theatre was to be completely dark, these beneficial ghosts would leave the space. 

Another version is that if the ghost thinks the theatre has been abandoned they would cause accidents to happen on the stage. Whatever your belief, the Behind the Scenes Ghostlight is a symbol of our willingness to help out our colleagues, who for years have not had a safety net of any kind.

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