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Art Draper Studios has been installing quality blinds, shades and draperies for over 90 years. We have provided blinds and shades for single office buildings and entire city wide school districts. Our in house theatrical drapery sewing shop has produced custom works for places of worship, historical renovations, schools, restaurants and sporting arenas. Please review our flier on how to describe and measure a stage drapery for more terminology and names. Listed below are also sample specifications. We prefer to work with the specifying agent to develop custom tailored designs to best meet the budget and anticipated usage of space.

In addition to our custom draperies we offer a small selection of drapes available for "quick ship". Quick Ship drapes usually ship within 7 business days of order and come in 20 oz. black velour with industry standard 50% fullness and chain bottom. Please call our Chicago office for more information.

Check out the resources below for more information:

How to describe and measure stage drapery

Owners manual for curtain and track systems

Track selector

Sample specifications:

Main curtain and valance
Midstage, rear travelers and border curtains
Fixed cyclorama drapery
Walk draw cyclorama
Walk draw gym dividers/vinyl curtain protectors