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I would like to establish terms with Grand Stage (set up an account)

Grand Stage accepts signed purchase orders with billing information printed on the order from all government institutions without prior account. Other organizations may apply for terms by filling out a credit application and faxing it to our Chicago office. Applications may take up to three weeks for consideration depending on response times from your credit references.

Why do you require a signature if I am paying by credit card?

Our credit card transaction service prefers that we obtain signatures on all transactions regardless of whether it is an in store purchase or an order over the phone/fax/email. Our credit card authorization form is good only for the invoice which is listed on it and cannot be held on file for future purposes. We have instigated these procedures to protect you from unwanted charges and fees.

I'd like to project an image I made on my computer, can I do that?

Sure, we have lots of ideas to help you get the image you want.  We can supply custom gobos, film loops, and Rosco ImagePro slides. You are limited only by your imagination. Most of the projection options require a next generation Ellipsoidal spotlight such as the Strand SL, Altman Shakespeare, Selecon Pacific, or ETC Source4.  A custom gobo can be created from a fax or emailed drawing. Steel gobos are limited to only light and shadow. Glass gobos increase in price and can be as simple as one color to Hi-Resolution images. Rosco's new ImagePro allows for anyone to print images off of a standard inkjet printer, insert it into the ImagePro kit, and the kit into the unit. Call for more information. 

My school has some drapes in the Auditorium that still look good but the tag says they were last flameproofed in 1987, is that still valid?

Unfortunately every municipality and school district decides which Fire Codes they chose to follow.  Many Fire Marshals recommend testing your drapes at least once every two years.  Draperies that fail to pass a match test will need to be retreated.  Grand Stage recommends having the drapes retreated by immersion rather than spray on products.  Immersion guarantees that the entire drape is evenly treated and companies that specialize in this type work will issue a new certificate that the drapes are in compliance with standards. Although we do not do this kind of work we would be happy to recommend companies in your area that do.

Why do you only quote list prices?  Don't I get a discount?

Grand Stage does give you a competitive price on all of our products.  Our discount structure is based on total dollar amount for each product category on an order.  If you have a purchase coming up, let us know.  We would be happy to issue you a formal quotation.