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About our rental warehouse

Everyone in the Grand Stage Rental Department has a background in Chicago Theatre. We have worked in storefronts, schools, large theatres and special events. We know what itís like to work on a budget, in limited space, and limited time. We understand that last minute requests happen, and we will do our best to accommodate. 


We have everything from conventional fixtures and dimming, to LED moving lights and control boards, and some things in between. If you donít see what youíre looking for, call and ask. We just might have it or know where to get it. 

For more details on individual items, check out our blog post: A Guide To Our Rental Inventory.

For a downloadable PDF of our complete Rental Catalog, click here: Rental Catalog.


When thinking about a rental, where do I start? 

Think about the size of the area you are looking to cover. Larger spaces will require more lighting. What kind of lighting are you looking for? Accent lighting for an event? General area lighting for a conference? Special effects for a specific performance?  

How much power is in the space you are working in, and where are the power outlets within that space? Most LED packages will easily work within given spaces, but when working with conventional lighting where power needs are greater, some form of distribution from a box may be required.  

Do you need to dim and control the lighting, or can you leave it on? Do you need the lighting to change color? Do you need assistance in using the equipment? If you are unfamiliar with LED lighting or lighting in general, schedule a time in the shop for us to teach you. An educated client is a more creative client, and we would be happy to show you tricks and tips to get the most out of any package you rent, now or in the future. 


What kind of lighting do I need for my event? 

When putting a lighting package together, consider what kind of event you are holding. Consider also the space you will be in. Weddings usually require uplighting, pinspotting for floral décor, and a gobo with the monogram of the bride and groom highlighting the dance floor. 

Small theatrical performances in school gymnasiums can use lighting trees, LED Pars, and a simple controller. Mid-Size theatrical performances can have added rental lighting that works with existing house control, and hang from an existing grid. Large Dance performances can have sidelight and cyc lighting to highlight the lines of the performers and set the mood of the performance.  

A meeting or conference can have uplighting to color the walls, and a lighting tree to put light on speakers. A full concert performance can have a full moving light rig. 

In all cases, talk to us about your design goals, and we can help you assemble a package that is right for your needs and within your budget. 


Where can I pick up my rental order? 

The Rental Warehouse is based out of the Knox Avenue location. All Rentals must be picked up and returned to the Knox Avenue location, unless other arrangements have been made. Our Grand Avenue location has a limited supply of Rental equipment, but always call to ensure availability.  


Our Rental Department is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We are closed all major holidays. When picking up a rental, please allow a minimum of a half hour before closing time to process paperwork and load your order. Pick-ups or returns on days and times other than those specified on your rental contract must be agreed upon in advance. This may result in additional charges. 


All Rentals are ďWill CallĒ unless other arrangements have been made. When picking up equipment, consider what type of vehicle to bring to ensure everything will fit safely. A small followspot will fit in just about any car, while larger lighting packages will require a van or larger. Let us know what kind of vehicle you will be bringing for pickup, and we can provide roadcases for ease of transport. Staging decks always require a Cargo van or box truck. When in doubt, please ask and we can provide a recommendation. We can provide packing blankets and ratchet straps as needed, but these are considered loaner items. They will be marked on your contract and will be billed if not returned.  


Can you deliver/pack up my rental? 


We offer delivery and recovery services. Delivery and Recovery within the Chicago city limits is $100 on weekdays between 9:30am and 4:30pm. Please call for pricing on Deliveries to suburban locations. Weekend and after-hours deliveries and recoveries are available for an additional charge. Our delivery and recovery schedule is on a first come, first serve basis, and our busiest days are Monday and Friday.  


When you receive your rental contract, the days and times of delivery and pickup will be noted in the body of the contract. Make a note of these times Ensure there will be someone present on site who can receive our driver, and who can assist with loading and unloading.  


Deliveries and recoveries are to the loading dock only, and will not be carried up stairs, up freight elevators or into locations within the building.  


We also offer setup and strike services for our lighting packages. Labor rates for normal business hours are $45 per hour, with a four hour minimum call. Weekend and after hours rates differ. Call for details and scheduling.  


Do I need to make a deposit? 


All Rentals require a $100 deposit, which is refundable once we get the equipment back in good condition. Deposits can be made via Credit Card Authorization, Company Check or Cash. If making your deposit via Company Check, please provide a separate check for the Deposit Amount.  


What happens if I need my rental order for longer/shorter than originally intended? 


When you reserve a rental, you will receive a copy of your rental contract via email. Review this contract carefully and note the dates of pick up and return. Delays in picking up the equipment will not lower rental rates, and delays in returning the equipment will result in additional charges. If you need to extend the rental period, call as soon as possible as to avoid conflicts with other renters.  


Is there a fixed rate for rentals? 


Published weekly rental rates are intended as a guide. Always call with your pickup and return date to receive an accurate quote for longer runs. Our minimum Rental Charge is $25.00 


How do I rent a stage for my event? 


When inquiring about a stage rental, think about how large you need your stage to be. Some things to consider to staging size are: 

How many people will be on the stage at once? A Folk Dance group will need more space than a DJ at his mix station. 

What will people be doing on the stage? A Speaker at a podium will require less space than a school performance.  

Do you need skirting? Step units? Railings? We are happy to help you with small details to help make your event a success.