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S21 6 Dimmer Strip

Part Number 7150
S21 6 Dimmer Strip
S21 6 Dimmer Strip
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Output Connectors
Stage Pin Connectors
L5-20 Twist-Lock Connector
Edison Connector
Hanging Options
Wall Mount Bracket (Pair) [+$44.00]
Single Pipe Mount Brackst (pair) for use with pipe clamp or cheeseboro [+$44.00]
Dual Pipe Mount Brackst (pair) for use with pipe clamp or cheeseboro [+$190.00]
Single Pipe Hanger (pair) U-bolt [+$70.00]
Double Pipe Mount Hanger (pair) U-Bolt [+$88.00]
Power Input Cable
Strand Lighting is pleased to introduce the next generation of S21 Dimmer Strips; a perfect extension of our R21, C21, and A21 range of installed dimmer cabinets. Systems can be mixed and matched as needed to create a completely flexible lighting system to meet the needs of any installation. Our dimmer strips feature quiet convection cooled IGBT dimming for low lamp noise and reliable operation. IGBT dimmers are an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor power device that works in tandem with a dedicated microprocessor to control almost any type of lighting load required. IGBT dimmers are completely silicon-based and operate silently without the use of chokes, and do not produce any mechanical buzz or hum associated with Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) dimmers. They are smaller, lighter, and generate fewer neutral harmonics than SCR dimmers.

Ideal for smaller systems, S21 Dimmer Strips may be used in schools, churches or any facility that does not have space for conventional dimmer racks. Easy to install and use, S21 Dimmer Strips can be fed from standard breaker panels.

Product Features
  • Fully Digital Dimmer strip with Forward and Reverse phase dimming (automatic or user-selectable)
  • Compatible with new LED drivers that require reverse phase operation
  • DMX512 I/O
  • Quiet convection cooled dual IGBT dimmers
  • No dimmer room required and no added cooling needed
  • Energy efficient - only a 2.5 volt insertion loss
  • Dimmer strip features 6 dimmers packaged in three dual modules
  • Solid-state dimming technology with adjustable transition (rise) time up to 1,000 ms at 120 volts and 650ms at 230 volts for quiet operation
  • Low HarmTM mode to reduce neutral harmonics
  • Automatic Overload and Short Circuit protection
  • Choice of 3 power input locations - top, bottom and back
  • Wide range of load connector options
  • Local Focus buttons and LED status indicators
  • Simple set up with back lit LCD display and easy button access. LCD blacks out when not in use
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Integrates with Strand R21, C21, EC21, and A21 Dimmers
  • Hangers available for wall and pipe mount applications
  • ETL Listed (120V models)
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