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S4Par EA (Used)

Part Number GSL PAR-EA
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Source Four PAR EA

Elegant, compact, efficient and flexible - the new standard for PARs. Source Four PAR comes with a set of four snap-in lenses that mount in a cool, rotating ring. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets. And when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps). The Source Four PAR's compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck. Combined with reductions in power and cable requirements, Source Four PARs are perfect for touring.

From the Chicago Spotlight Rental Division of Grand Stage
Enhanced Aluminum (EA) reflector
Optional Metal Cold Mirror (MCM)
Super efficient HPL lamp
Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
PAR includes full lens set (VNSP, NSP, MFL and WFL)
Supports Dimmer Doubling
PARNel features 23 - 43 variable field focus 

Color Information: Luminaires are available in Black, White and Silver 

Ships With:  color frame, set of four lenses, and three-foot three-wire Teflon leads encased in black fiberglass tubing with bare leads. 

NOTE: Lamp, C-clamp, and connector are not included and must be ordered separately. 
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